TGI Announces New LinkedIn Group: The TGI Research and Technology Hub

Photo collage of 2023 TGI Fellows.

by Bob Grant

During the week of February 26th, TGI announced a new LinkedIn Group to help researchers, administrators, and others share award opportunities, requests for proposals, emerging geospatial technologies, interesting new publications, and more using the forum.

The Taylor Geospatial Institute Research and Technology Hub acts as a marketplace of ideas, information, and opportunities for researchers and administrators across the TGI consortium and welcomes industry and government partners to participate by sharing posts and engaging with the group.

Graphic for the TGI Research and Technology hub LinkedIn group

The Hub already features a handful of opportunities, from a call for proposals from the National Science Foundation’s Collaborations in Artificial Intelligence and Geosciences (CAIG) program to an application for the Arch Grants 2024 Startup Competition to an invitation to TGI’s new GeoAI Working Group kickoff meeting on March 6.

Request to join the TGI Research and Technology Hub today to plug into the TGI community, share in the excitement that geospatial science is generating in St. Louis and beyond, and play your part in taking geospatial to new heights!