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Become an Industry Partner at TGI

TGI is fueling a revolution in geospatial research research through our unique community of research institutions, agencies, and industry. Industry helps fuel this revolution through products, services, practical experience, and investment. By working with TGI, Industry Partners can gain access to this unique community and receive exposure, provide training, gain unique partnerships, and champion geospatial innovations.

TGI Industry Partner Program Benefits

  • Connection to scientists, researchers, and students: the next generation of experts in the field
  • Visibility for your organization through support of the consortium by community promotion
  • New markets and market opportunities for your products across our institution partners
  • Academic partners to help flesh out proposal teams for SBIR/STTR or other federal opportunities

Your Data and Products. Top Geospatial Researchers. TGI is How

Expose Top Scientists to Your Data and Tools

  • Demonstrations: Share your data and tools with the TGI research community
  • Working group briefings: Provide the application of your products to core geospatial domains and issues
  • Public round tables: Present information about your organization and how it applies to core geospatial topics

Train Scientists from Across the Consortium

  • Deliver workshops: Ranging from multiple hours to multiple days, share your product or service directly with the TGI research community
  • Collaborate with researchers: Shape your session to help empower research and provide better relevance to TGI
  • Provide relevance: Use unique data sets or consortium research to integrate into your product or service to maximize engagement or interest

Partner and Provide Tools Vital to Geospatial Innovation and Discovery

  • TGI researchers: Gather information on your products through exposure and training
  • The TGI community: Share feedback on products that they find most valuable
  • The TGI organization: Provide your product or service in a licensing agreement that includes discounted pricing for educational and research use

Champion Geospatial Science by Sharing Products, Sponsoring Fellowships, and Partnering on Joint Research or Proposals

  • Become a sponsor: Help develop the future of geospatial research through initiatives such as Digital Agriculture and GeoAI
  • Fund research: Help TGI faculty and researchers tackle issues in geospatial
  • Collaborate with TGI: Join proposals across institutions and seek joint funding opportunities
  • Share: Provide your products in-kind for use at TGI

For questions or more information, reach Jeff Mazur, jeffrey.​mazur@​taylorgeospatial.​org

Industry Fellows Program

The Taylor Geospatial Institute invites accomplished scientists/researchers from industry to bring significant contributions to the TGI’s mission and vision. The Industry Fellows program will allow the TGI to engage more deeply with the commercial sector, to help uncover powerful new funding or research & development opportunities, and to provide new employment pathways for talented people within the TGI consortium. Industry Fellows will get exposure to student and researcher talent within the TGI network and the opportunity to familiarize and connect talented individuals with their companies. With the Fellowship comes the chance to help shape and define the future of geospatial research and innovation.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Prospective applicants can indicate their interest here and Taylor Geospatial Institute staff will contact them about the Notice of Opportunity.