TGI Seeks a Director of Research Development to Help Spark a Revolution in Geospatial Science and Technology

Photo collage of 2023 TGI Fellows.

April 24, 2024

It is an exciting time to be in the field of geospatial science and technology. With rapid advancements in AI, AR/VR, digital twins, sensors, and more, coupled with more geospatial data being available than ever before in an unbelievable number of formats, this quickly evolving field is making impacts across industries to tackle bigger problems each year. Agriculture, climate, urban planning, and defense and intelligence, are just a few examples of domains constantly being transformed by the power of geospatial.

The Taylor Geospatial Institute (TGI) has been witnessing these rapid advances first-hand through our diverse consortium of 8 academic and research institutions. To help lead this charge and spark a revolution in geospatial science and technology, TGI is seeking a unique individual to act as the consortium’s Director of Research Development and to have their finger on the pulse of this universe of promise.

Opportunities in the field of geospatial science and technology abound. Not only can real-world problems be more quickly and intelligently solved by incorporating a geospatial perspective into monitoring and management, but many funders are willing to support brilliant researchers (like those in the TGI consortium) seeking to employ such strategies. The ideal candidate for this exciting new role is passionate about geospatial research and helping TGI fulfil its vision of sparking a revolution. Our next Director of Research Development will accomplish this goal by building and maintaining a streamlined system for identifying and pursuing funding opportunities for innovative, collaborative geospatial research. This person will also assemble the right teams of geospatial experts across the TGI consortium and assist them in proposing, winning, and managing projects that address specific opportunities. 

“I have been saying for decades that it is THE best time to be in Geospatial, and could not believe that more after being reintroduced to the research community,” says Nadine Alameh, Ph.D., Executive Director of TGI. “Having a Director of Research Development at TGI is an extension of this belief, and this role is integral to the future of our many upcoming initiatives. We need a strong leader with a rich technical background to help take TGI’s geospatial research to the next level.”

The Director of Research Development will manage and lead a team of research professionals to provide comprehensive proposal development services and to respond to relevant funding opportunities. This position’s primary focus is on proposal development for large-scale (multi-million dollar) interdisciplinary geospatial grant proposals submitted by faculty teams assembled from the partner institutions.