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Mark Korver, Former Worldwide Tech Lead for Geospatial at AWS, Joins TGI as Director of Geospatial Data and Analytics

ST. LOUIS - Mark Korver, former Worldwide Tech Lead for Geospatial at Amazon Web Services (AWS), has joined TGI as the organization’s Director of Geospatial Data and Analytics. Mark will help build out shared data and analytic services to help stakeholders get to market more quickly with new ideas.

Mark will work across TGI and provide data collection, storage, and analysis services to the consortium, and will support new TGI initiatives in food security, GeoAI, and more. Mark will also work with TGI’s leadership team to help achieve the organization’s vision to spark a revolution in geospatial science and technology that will benefit humanity. With decades of experience working with geospatial technologies and a rich background in cloud computing at AWS, Mark will be an invaluable member of the TGI community.

At AWS Mark worked with organizations around the globe to help modernize and optimize their infrastructure and share geospatial data on the cloud with APIs, standards, storage, and more.

“During my 12+ years at AWS, mostly as a solution architect and more recently as a business development manager for the Aerospace and Satellite team, I’ve been lucky to work with many customers and colleagues doing amazing things that would not be possible in a traditional data center environment,” Korver said. “I look forward to applying what I have learned, to enable continued growth for TGI and its member organizations.”

“Welcoming Mark into the TGI team says a lot about how we think about cloud-native geospatial, open data and open science, and the opportunity to do good things in AI in collaboration with others around the world,” added TGI Executive Director Nadine Alameh, Ph.D. “We look forward to Mark’s contributions to the incredible TGI journey ahead!” The TGI team and greater geospatial community look forward to Mark’s transition to his new role as the organization’s Director of Geospatial Data and Analytics.

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