Geo-Resolution is an annual conference co-hosted by Saint Louis University and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. The aim is of the international meeting to encourage collaboration between government, academia, and industry to grow the geospatial ecosystem. Speakers and panelists discuss the latest innovations in geospatial science and how researchers can partner with industry and government to address critical issues around the globe. They also discuss training a new generation of skilled workers in the geospatial landscape and how geospatial research can impact the development and growth of the area.

Research Conference

The Taylor Geospatial Institute will hold an annual research conference on GIS Day every November. This conference serves as a platform for TGI researchers to share their research and facilitate an open exchange of ideas.

Taylor Geospatial Institute National Speakers Series

Open dialogue and the exchange of ideas is critical to the TGI's mission of fostering collaboration and innovation in the geospatial sciences. The National Speakers Series helps to accomplish this goal. It will feature a distinguished geospatial scientist or individual whose work has made an impact on geospatial research. These talks, which will be open to the public, will serve as an important forum for geospatial scientists to present new, cutting-edge research to their peers, and an opportunity for a broader audience to learn more about innovative research in the geospatial sciences.

Partner Events Calendar

This calendar is for our research institutions to post virtual or in-person geospatial speakers, conferences, workshops, events, and more for everyone in the community to watch or attend.