Location. Collaboration. Impact.

About Us

Founded in 2022, the Taylor Geospatial Institute is a first of its kind entity in the geospatial ecosystemdesigned to fuel research, collaboration, and impact. With a legacy investment from Andrew C. Taylor and the commitment of 8 academic and research institutions led by Saint Louis University, TGI is the cornerstone of establishing a global center of geospatial excellence in St. Louis.

Our Vision

To spark a revolution in geospatial science and technology that will benefit humanity.

Our Mission

To catalyze collaboration across our consortium, to connect partners in the broader geospatial ecosystem, and to align distinctive strengths, collective expertise, and shared resources to generate innovative research and solutions.

Our Approach

  • Forge connections within and beyond a world-class interdisciplinary research collaborative to address today’s global challenges of food security, climate impact, public health, and national security using location science 
  • Establish an open spatial science research infrastructure in collaboration with industry, government, and research partners 
  • Accelerate the commercialization of mature research results in partnership with the Taylor Geospatial Engine 
  • Nurture the next generation of geospatial researchers and data scientists