TGI Associates

TGI Associates are researchers and scientists at TGI partner institutions who are advancing our understanding of core geospatial science and its applications. These integral members of the research consortium can benefit from access to our network of scholars, data services, workshops, and other resources. TGI Associates are also eligible to host and work with TGI Postdoctoral Fellows.

Any faculty member or research-connected staff member at a TGI partner institution is eligible to become a TGI Associate. Please complete the Associates Interest Form and Survey to indicate your interest in becoming a TGI Associate. If you are already an Associate and would like to update your profile, please contact TGI@​slu.​edu or resubmit the Associates Interest Form and Survey.

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Shaowen Wang

A color photograph of UIUC researcher Shaowen Wang
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign logo

Shaowen Wang

Research Council Member

Research Interests

Geographic Information Science and Systems (GIS)

Advanced cyberinfrastructure and CyberGIS

Complex social and environmental problems

Computational and data sciences

Geospatial science and technology

High-performance and distributed computing

Spatial analysis and modeling

Douglas A. Wiens

A color photograph of Wash U researcher Douglas A. Wiens
Washington University in St. Louis logo

Douglas A. Wiens

Research Interests



Melting of ice sheets and ensuing sea-level rise

Grace Yan

Missouri S&T logo

Grace Yan

Research Interests

Digital twin for disaster resilience

Climate change adaptation (build)

Tornado resilience

Coastal resilience

Xiong Zhang

A color photograph of MST researcher Xiong Zhang
Missouri S&T logo

Xiong Zhang

Research Interests

Close-range photogrammetry

3D computer vision


UAV based remote sensing for structure health monitoring

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