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The place for innovation

Taylor Geospatial Engine is a non-profit that incubates geospatial innovations and accelerates the path to commercialization.

  • We scan for the technology gaps in national security, climate security, healthcare, and ag tech that can be solved with commercial geospatial solutions.
  • We work with industry and academia, including the Taylor Geospatial Institute and its academic partners, to incubate geospatial innovations with potential for commercialization.
  • We bring together geospatial innovators, consumers, and investors to turn ideas into thriving businesses.

Our three superpowers

Power of place

St. Louis is home to leading national security, climate security, healthcare, and ag tech organizations. Anchored by our rich history of support to national security through the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and bolstered by a collaborative and committed community of business leaders, we have a rich ecosystem of support for geospatial innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Power of partnership

We provide access to the industry’s best geospatial scientists, innovators, companies and customers. Our network, mentorships, community initiatives, and programs will accelerate meaningful partnerships.

Power of people

St. Louis is a city with people who support each other. Our determination, innovation, creativity, and collaboration set us apart.

What we do

For Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Incubate your tech and accelerate commercialization

For Established Organizations

Assess your needs and build consortia to commercialize solutions

For Investors
Early access to geospatial innovation and opportunities to scale

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